North Atlantic, just below the Arctic Circle
between 64 and 66 degrees north.

The land of fire and ice, Iceland, with its mystical atmosphere and stories of trolls and fairies living in rocks and mountains, offers wide variety of breathtaking locations. Black and red sands, otherworldly lava fields, magnificent glaciers, awe-inspiring waterfalls, lagoons with floating icebergs and moors spotted with blue ponds are among the landscapes you will find, not to mention yellow sulfur mountains, moss covered canyons and beautiful natural hot springs. During summer the 24-hour daylight with its “midnight sun” opens up a whole world of surreal lighting, enhancing the dreamlike landscape.

Dress code

Stay warm!


103,333 Km2

(39,770 sq. mi)






Production services

Icon Iceland strives to provide the highest quality services for your production, be it films, commercials, TV or photoshoots. They offer extensive first rate services that can be customised to any of your requirements and ideas. Icon´s extensive local knowledge will take you every step of the way and guarantee your project´s successful outcome. In today’s world, where image is everything and the competition is fierce, we are very aware that how you present your company or brand can have a decisive effect on success or failure.
Our goal is to help you excel. Your company’s content deserves the best context.

We work together with brands and organizations to create bold, impactful and unique experiences.

Our services

No matter the venue, we produce. Impossible is not a word found in our vocabulary, no project is beyond our limits. We are an innovative, forward thinking group of people and pushing boundaries is our natural state of being. Icon has the extensive knowledge necessary to make things happen, whatever your desired outcome. Icon is a production service and much more. We are based in Reykjavik, the charming capital of Iceland.

25% reimbursement

There is more to Iceland than just a pretty landscape. The Icelandic government wants to promote the history and nature of the land by supporting material produced in Iceland, offering 25% tax rebate on production costs.

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